It’s easy to forget about maintaining home appliances until something breaks. By the time that happens, the issue is both serious and expensive. A heating, cooling, or air ventilation issue can be unbearable to live with and compel you to pay more for a fast repair.

We have good news: There is a way to prevent the stress of an uncomfortable house and a huge HVAC repair bill! The answer is annual HVAC service. Regular heating and air conditioning unit inspections can save you money by protecting your system. Here’s how:

Regular Heating and Air Conditioning Service Catches Small Issues Before They Grow

Do you know the feeling of relief that comes after you catch a warning sign and are able to prevent the disaster before it happens? This is what your annual HVAC service does; it catches and repairs little things before they become big issues.

An HVAC system has many hidden components. From fluids and filters to gears and wiring, there is a big collection of pieces that need maintenance. If something goes wrong with one of those pieces, it has a chain reaction that wears down the whole unit.

Hidden Electrical and Health Hazards

Some of these pieces pose bigger threats than others. For example, if an electrical wire connected to your HVAC unit is old or fraying, it can become a major fire hazard. There are also various types of water damage that can start with a small HVAC problem.

Sweating pipes or clogged condensation filters can pose an electrical risk, but can also become a health hazard. In humid areas like Wilmington, NC, water sitting unaddressed in your home can allow mold to flourish. This poses a serious health risk and can be expensive to correct.

Annual heating and air conditioning service can catch all the above issues and others. Simple maintenance can correct these little issues before they cause big problems. This saves you money and spares you the bigger tragedies of a house fire or compromised health.

Optimal HVAC Performance Can Improve Your Energy Bills

Even if a little misalignment does not pose a big threat, it can still hurt your wallet. Small issues shorten the lifespan of your unit by making it work harder to do its job. This starts to cost you money in the form of higher energy bills.

An overtaxed system will have to struggle more each year that the issues go unaddressed. The impact of this will appear slowly. Your energy bill may creep up as you start to have more problems maintaining proper temperatures in your house. If the ventilation is also compromised, you may have more issues with dust and allergies.

By the time you realize the HVAC unit needs repaired, you will have lost money paying higher electrical bills. You will also still have to pay for the repair and new parts. Doesn’t it make more sense to put a couple hundred dollars toward an annual service visit instead?

Annual Air Conditioning Service Is Not As Expensive As You Think

The average cost for annual HVAC service is $300. Large estates with complex systems may pay up to $600. Basic air conditioning maintenance and repairs start at the same price. But, it can cost thousands of dollars if a major component breaks. The cost continues to increase if there are many issues or if the entire unit needs replaced.

When you invest in annual service, your money goes further. Instead of paying for a repair that could have been prevented, you pay to keep your system running optimally. This extends the life of your unit, maintains your warranties, and helps you know well in advance when your system will need to be replaced due to age. Instead of being in a panic over an unexpected bill, you can plan ahead and make a wise investment.

Dixon’s Comfort Club: The Best Bang for Your Buck

As fellow residents of the beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina, we know how hard your HVAC unit has to work to keep up with the summer heat. To offer our customers an easy and affordable way to protect their air conditioning units, we created Dixon’s Comfort Club.

Dixon’s Comfort Club is an HVAC maintenance plan that will ensure that all parts and components of your HVAC system are cleaned, repaired, and inspected by professionals on a regular basis. It is a proactive service that reduces the occurrence of equipment failure and the need for replacement of parts and components.

In addition to annual inspections, Comfort Club members save money on parts and repairs. They can also use our 24 Hour Emergency Service. No downtime in the heat of summer, we will be there quickly to get your HVAC unit back up and running!

Annual Heating and Air Conditioning Service: The Smart Investment

Don’t wait for disaster to strike or the energy bills to double. Join Dixon’s Comfort Club today to get on our annual maintenance plan and start protecting your unit, and your wallet!