HVAC systems keep homes clean and comfortable every day. When they stop working properly, the difference is obvious. But, waiting until something breaks is not a good way to protect the environment of your home.

Major issues with your HVAC system are easier to prevent when you have a regular inspection schedule. But how often does your HVAC system need to be inspected, and who can do it? Here are the answers you need to protect your home, and your wallet!

Start with a System Assessment if Necessary

If you can’t remember the last time your HVAC system was inspected, then you will need to start with a basic assessment of your system. Consult with an experienced HVAC technician who can come and provide a report of your HVAC system’s current condition.

From there, you can schedule any necessary repairs and create an appropriate maintenance plan. Such a plan will protect your investment in the repairs and save you both time and money by catching impending problems.

Work with Your HVAC Tech to Create an Inspection Schedule

Depending on your area and the age of your HVAC system, inspections should be scheduled on an annual or semi-annual basis. Temperate climates will not be as hard on your HVAC units, so annual inspections are enough to ensure proper function. Climates with harsh temperatures will run the system harder.

With its position on the North Carolina coast, Wilmington can experience varying extremes of temperature. With the warm, wet air coming off the ocean, your HVAC system has to work a little harder to maintain a cool environment in your home. It is normal to switch between heat and air conditioning multiple times in the same week depending on the season, as the ocean’s temperature clashes with the temperature of the air.

These temperature changes are why we at Dixon’s Service Company recommend semi-annual maintenance for our customers in Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, and the surrounding areas. Scheduling an inspection every six months will help you stay ahead of the extra wear and tear on your HVAC units.

Our HVAC technicians can create an inspection schedule that best fits the demands of our area and the needs of your particular units. We also include semi-annual inspections in Dixon’s Comfort Club! Learn more about it in the next section.

How Much to Budget for an HVAC Inspection

The cost of your HVAC inspection is dependent on the size of your system. The larger your house, the more extensive your HVAC system will be. Thus, it will take longer to inspect.

Standard HVAC inspections average between $200 for small spaces and $500 for larger homes. Some HVAC companies offer discounts through inspection packages, so it is good to call a few to learn about your local options.

At Dixon’s Service Company, we have a special HVAC inspection and maintenance package for our customers called Dixon’s Comfort Club. Dixon’s Comfort Club is an affordable solution for our southeastern North Carolina neighbors who want an easy way to make sure their HVAC systems receive proper protection and maintenance. Our experienced HVAC technicians work through an extensive checklist during their semi-annual visit to ensure everything is working properly, and there are no issues or potential problems.

If there are any repairs that need to be made, we catch them before they become an unexpected expense and hassle. The Comfort Club also includes a 15% discount on parts and labor, which pays for itself over time as we make minor adjustments to protect your system.

Only Trust Certified HVAC Techs to Perform Inspections

Having your HVAC system inspected by a technician who is not certified can have many consequences. Some warranties are considered invalid after an unqualified technician tampers with the equipment. Those who are not certified may not have the knowledge necessary to work on systems designed by different manufacturers.

Working with a certified technician is the only way to ensure your inspection will help and not hurt the state of your HVAC system. The cost of repairing the potential damage outweighs the money saved by hiring the cheaper technician.

What to Expect During an HVAC Inspection

So, you’ve found a trustworthy company and scheduled an HVAC inspection. What happens now?

Well, what happens during your inspection depends on several factors. First of all, you can choose ahead of time the level of inspection, whether it is a basic check and tune-up, or an in-depth analysis of everything. After you’ve established that, the process depends on the type of system you have.

Most inspections include a few services. These include tightening system components, cleaning and changing filters, checking the electrical voltage and wiring, and lubricating the moving parts so they work without resistance. The HVAC technician will clear clogs or build-up, calibrate thermostats, and check the ductwork as well.

The HVAC inspection list may be shorter or longer, depending on the level of inspection and type of system. You can ask the HVAC company in advance how long your inspection should take so you have a rough estimate of the time involved.

What if I Don’t Have My HVAC System Inspected?

Regular HVAC system inspections can stop many problems before they start. If you do not have your system inspected on a regular basis, you could:

  • Experience system downtime
  • Pay for larger repairs
  • Jeopardize warranties
  • Live with unnecessary discomfort
  • Pay larger monthly electric bills
  • Enable other issues to arise

An unmaintained system can create many headaches and is certain to cost you. By the time a large enough issue occurs to catch your attention, the damage has had time to grow into a serious concern. Worn gears, loose components, fraying wiring can all add up to a catastrophic break in the system. But, these same issues can be fixed before they reach that point when found and addressed during system inspections.

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