Whether you installed a new HVAC system or moved into a house with an existing one, it should do its job in the background, without you having to think or worry about it. If it becomes a frequent cause for concern, something’s not right. It may just need a minor repair, or it could be time to replace the system.

Dixon’s Service Company is an HVAC company based in Wilmington, NC. We know how important it is to make sure your air conditioning unit is reliable. So, how can you tell when it’s time for an HVAC replacement? We’re glad you asked! Here’s ten signs it may be time for an upgrade:

1. Your HVAC System is More Than 10 Years Old

When HVAC systems reach a certain age, it is time to consider retiring them. Outdated units are not as safe or efficient as newer models. They are also more expensive and difficult to repair, as their parts are harder to find. Old systems are also at risk for losing warranty coverage.

Upgrading to a new system comes with many benefits that you will feel in your home and in your wallet. Not sure how much life is left in your old unit? We can help you determine if it has a few more years, or if you’re about to be stuck in the heat, or left out in the cold.

2. Your HVAC Warranty is About to Expire

If your system is more than 10 years old, there is a good chance the HVAC warranty is about to expire, or already has. When a component of your system breaks, the warranty can go a long way in covering the cost of the repair. But as time goes on, warranties expire and leave you on your own to plan for the worst.

When your warranty is about to expire, it is a good idea to assess the long-term cost of waiting to replace it. Rather than be financially vulnerable, it is better to invest in replacing the system and gaining the new warranties that come with it. Financing options can also help you plan and budget, rather than get hit with a big surprise with your hvac replacement costs.

Just make sure you hire a certified technician to perform the repairs or installations! If a technician without the proper certifications handles your HVAC system, it can void the warranty. That is why Dixon’s only sends certified HVAC technicians to your home to perform installations, maintenance, or repairs. We want our community to know it’s receiving service it can trust.

3. A Major Component of the HVAC System Needs Replaced

If an essential part of your HVAC unit needs to be replaced, sometimes it’s recommended that you update the whole system. This is because the new parts may not work well with the now older system.

When the parts are not working optimally, it can impact the function of the system and become expensive. It can also jeopardize the warranty, so it is best to ask your technician what he recommends before paying for a major repair.

4. You Need Frequent HVAC Repair or Maintenance

When the system becomes a persistent annoyance, you know it’s time for an HVAC replacement. Occasional issues can happen over time, but the system should not need repeat repairs throughout the year. If you find yourself scheduling yet another repair, be sure to ask the HVAC technician about replacement options as well.

5. The Temperature in Your House is Uncomfortable

You come in from outside but don’t notice much of a difference in temperature, so you check the thermostat. The setting is right, but the indoor temperature is not. So you adjust it by a couple extra degrees, running the system harder than you prefer just to be comfortable.

Sound familiar? Discomforts around the house can creep up on you and change with the seasons, but they should be occasional, not constant. Persistent problems with temperature control can be a big indicator that it’s time for an HVAC replacement.

6. There is Humidity Inside Your House

When you step inside, you want to escape the humidity, not to live with it! If humidity is seeping in or becoming trapped inside your house, you’ll want to have your HVAC system inspected. Humidity may not only be a sign of a poorly functioning HVAC system, but also point to a leak in the ductwork. Determining the cause of the humidity is important to protect your home environment from more serious dangers like mold.

This is especially important for those living in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas. Towns right on the coast, like Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and Topsail will experience excessive moisture in the air, making their residents’ homes even more susceptible to mold. Beach towns and those that border them also need to watch for leaks caused by hurricanes. The closer you keep an eye on your system, the better prepared your home is to maintain a clean and comfortable environment in every type of weather.

As a Wilmington-based company, it was important to us to provide an easy way for our fellow southerners to keep an eye on the function of their systems. That is why we created Dixon’s Comfort Club, which is a yearly program that includes semi-annual inspections and thorough evaluations of your system. We tighten up gears, clean filters, test motors and wiring, and provide 24 hour emergency service for Comfort Club members. Learn more about this, and the 15% discount on parts and labor included.

7. The Dust in Your House is Excessive

Dusting twice as often to keep the house clean? You’re not crazy, there could be more dust than usual floating around the house! Unless there is an obvious reason, such as a recent home renovation or the installation of new carpet, your HVAC unit could be the culprit. The “V” in HVAC stands for “ventilation,” so poor air quality means it’s time for a professional assessment of your ventilation system.

When an HVAC system is running as it should, the dust levels should be manageable and the temperature consistent throughout the house. When either one is out of control, it’s time to ask a local HVAC company about a replacement.

8. Your Electric Bill Keeps Increasing

A steady rise in your energy bills can point to an ineffective HVAC system. Though it is normal for some months to cost more than others, higher bills that continue to surprise you are avoidable.

When an HVAC system ages, it has to work harder and harder to continue performing its job. As its parts wear down, they become weaker. The overcompensating of the system means it is pulling more electricity to run. This shows up in your monthly bill.

9. Your HVAC System is Noisy!

An old system that is working with worn out parts or too many mismatched pieces can become very noisy! When the HVAC system turns on, it should not call attention to itself. If it is noticeable throughout the house, even making noises that can be startling or distracting, something is amiss. It is best to have a professional assess if your system needs basic maintenance, or if the time has come for a replacement.

10. Your Heating and Cooling Needs Have Changed

If you remodeled your home, or changed the purpose and layout of the rooms in your space, your current HVAC system may not be the right fit. More or less people in the house, different types of furniture, rooms experiencing higher traffic, or additions to the house can all mean the original design of your HVAC system is failing to meet your needs.

Your system may be pumping more air into rooms you no longer use on a daily basis, or you may need a different level of filtration, based on the addition of people, furniture, or pets to the home. Rather than pay extra for improper coverage, the installation of a new HVAC system can make sure your money is well spent, and even save you money in the long term.

Time for an HVAC Replacement?

We know that list may seem overwhelming, and you might be panicking as you realize you need a new HVAC system you cannot afford. No need to worry, we can help!

Our experienced technicians can help you understand exactly what you need, and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t need. Then, we can put together a finance plan for your HVAC replacement costs, so you do not have to settle for hot, dusty, or humid rooms. Get the HVAC replacement you need without the wait by calling our office today!