There is nothing worse than that feeling when your heating or cooling systems fail you at just the wrong moment.  It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, causing a headache to fix, and leaving you uncomfortable in the meantime.  Here in Carolina Beach, NC and the surrounding greater Wilmington, NC area that often means being stuck in muggy heat or a humid cold that chills you to the bone.  A sudden loss of function in your HVAC system at home can leave your friends and family uncomfortably hot or cold.  A loss of function in a commercial space could result in lost business hours and lost customers, meaning financial losses for the business until the problem gets fixed.  No one wants their residential or commercial space to be suddenly without heat or air conditioning leaving family, employees, and customers to feel uncomfortable in the heat or cold.  The best way to help ensure that this doesn’t happen is to be sure that your HVAC systems are regularly and professionally maintained.  With proper maintenance, parts are cleaned of dust, debris, and other particles that can cause build up and decrease efficiency and cause the equipment to run down more quickly and require more repairs and replacements.

If your heating and air conditioning systems are properly maintained on a regular basis, including cleaning and inspection of parts and components, most likely there will rarely be cause for needing emergency services.  That means, no loss of air conditioning on a day when the heat and humidity are at a record high, and no huddling around a space heater when your heating system fails on a cold winter’s day.  HVAC maintenance means that your heating and cooling systems are kept in proper working order so that you’ll never be left in the heat or cold.


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