Here in the Carolina Beach, NC and greater Wilmington, NC area, having a dependable heat and air conditioning system is a must.  At Dixon’s Service Company, we have years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in installing, servicing, maintaining, and replacing HVAC systems.  We are here to help you find the right system and equipment for your residential or commercial space.  We install and service a range of systems to meet your needs including air conditioning systems, heat pumps, gas furnaces and mini splits. Call us today at 910-540-3709 about servicing or installing your HVAC system!



Whether you have an older unit that needs replaced, or you are looking to install a new one, a new air conditioning unit is often the best way to get a reliable, efficient system in your home or business.  Living in this region of the country means that we are often met with hot, humid days during the warmer months and it can be almost unbearably uncomfortable if you do not have an air conditioning unit that works properly.   You need to know that your air conditioning unit is going to be able to keep up with the hot and humid weather that we know to expect while living here.  You need to be able to trust that your unit is working not only effectively but efficiently so that it is not working unnecessarily hard to cool your home or business.

An inefficient unit is both ineffective and expensive.  Dixon’s Service Company is here to be sure that you have a quality and well-maintained air conditioning unit that keeps you cool and dry when the weather gets hot and humid and works efficiently enough that your energy bill is not through the roof when the weather is at its most extreme.  We exclusively use Lennox air conditioning units because we believe that they are some of the best, quietest, most energy efficient units on the market today.  Contact us today to service, install or replace your old air conditioning unit!



Though it may seem like a misnomer, a heat pump is not just used to heat your home but also to cool your home.  The reason why it’s called a heat pump is because it collects and pumps heat (just like it sounds) but whether it is used to heat or cool your home depends on which direction the heat is being pumped.  Basically, the heat pump will collect heat from one space and then pump it into another space.  Even when it is cold outside there is still heat in the air that can be collected.  If you are trying to warm your home or business space, the heat pump will collect warm air from outside (even when it’s cold out) and it will take that heat and pump it inside until the air inside reaches the desired temperature.  When you are trying to cool your home, the heat pump does the same thing, but in the opposite direction, collecting heat from inside your home and pumping it out until it has collected and pumped out enough of the heat from inside your home that it is now at the correct temperature.  This method of collecting and pumping heat from one space to another is an extremely efficient way to heat and cool and requires much less energy from sources like wood, oil, natural gas, or other fuel sources.  We also believe that Lennox heat pumps are some of the most efficient on the market.   If you are interested in installing a new heat pump, servicing or replacing an old one, contact Dixon’s Service Company today!



A gas furnace is the part of the HVAC system that uses natural gas to heat the air.  It is especially necessary in colder climates.  In this component, when the system detects that air has dropped below the temperature that was set on the thermometer, it signals a burner to be lit in the combustion chamber of the unit.  The heat that is made from burning the natural gas is pumped into the heat exchanger and it heats up the air before it is then pumped through the ducts and vents. We install Lennox gas furnaces because they are some of the most efficient and quietest on the market.  Let us know about your gas furnace needs and we’re here to serve you!



In the Carolina Beach and Wilmington area, we find that a large number of our customers have a tricky situation in their residential or commercial space where a traditional HVAC system will not work. Mini splits can be an effective solution for these areas.  Mini spits are small and efficient and they do not require any duct work.  In older homes and buildings where adding new duct work is not feasible, a mini split is a great solution.  A lack of ducts also reduces the amount of energy loss that usually occurs in the area around the duct work.  Mini splits are also very helpful in heating and cooling small areas where a different temperature is required in different areas.  Whether someone is heating and cooling a rental home space, an in-law suite, or various rooms in an office space, a mini split system could very well be the solution that will solve the problem.  Contact us today to find out more about or mini split systems!