In the Carolina Beach, NC and greater Wilmington, NC area, it is a necessity to have an HVAC system in your residence or commercial space.  From the hot and humid summers to damp winters that chill you to the bone, we see it all.  A heating and cooling system is imperative to remain comfortable at home and at work, especially in the hottest and coldest months of the year.  At Dixon’s Service Company, we are here to serve you and to provide all the services that you need to have a well-equipped, fully functioning, and properly maintained HVAC system.

It is our mission to provide services that will meet all of your heating and cooling needs.  From residential to commercial applications, we service new construction and existing structures with installation, maintenance, and repairs.  We install air conditioning systems, heat pumps, gas furnaces and mini splits.  At Dixon’s Service Company we exclusively use Trane HVAC systems because we want our customers to be provided with what we believe is the most efficient and reliable heating and cooling equipment on the market.

We also provide our customers with the opportunity to sign up for a maintenance plan that will ensure that all parts and components of your HVAC system are cleaned, repaired, and inspected by professionals on a regular basis. It is a proactive service that reduces the occurrence of equipment failure and the need for replacement of parts and components.  It means you are much less likely to have a need for emergency service in your home or business.

Regular maintenance helps to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently resulting less energy consumption, which means lower costs for you and for the environment.  Properly maintaining your HVAC system also means that the air you breathe in your home or business will be properly filtered resulting in be cleaner air that contains fewer allergens and harmful pollutants.  A record of regular maintenance will also help to ensure that all the parts and components of your HVAC system are under warranty and the investment you have in your system is protected should you ever need to have something replaced.

At Dixon’s Service Company we provide all the HVAC services you need to keep you comfortable no matter what the forecast may be.  Contact us today to find out more!