Dixon’s Service Company is owned and operated by Ray Dixon and his team of knowledgeable, trustworthy, and experienced technicians.  Ray is a local of the Wilmington, NC area and he has been doing business with local residents and companies for many years.  Not only is he an expert in the field of HVAC system installations and maintenance, but he is also a seasoned business owner with an understanding of the local community.

The Carolina Beach, NC area and surrounding Wilmington area is an incredible place to live with mild winters, lively summers, and proximity to beaches, marshes, islands, and rivers.  But with our beautiful geography and location, comes an environment that can be harsh on our homes, appliances, and especially outdoor furniture and equipment.  This is why it is important to have local knowledge from a professional company that has a long-standing history of working in this region.  Dixon’s Service Company has experience installing and maintaining HVAC systems that have to endure the heat, humidity, driving rains, and salty air that are all a part of living in this area of the country and in close proximity to the coast.  Ray and his technicians are knowledgeable, reliable, dependable, and trustworthy.  They stand by their work and products 100% and work tirelessly to be sure that their customers’ needs are met and they always comfortable no matter the weather.

Dixon’s Service Company also provides clients with the opportunity to join Dixon’s Comfort Club, a comprehensive maintenance plan that keeps your HVAC system maintained and ready to handle any weather that comes its way.  Should anything need repairs, members also enjoy SAME-DAY SERVICE and SAME DAY EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENTS, as well as 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE should you need emergency repairs or assistance outside of normal hours of business.

Dixon’s Service Company offers FINANCING options so there is nothing standing in the way of having a functioning, reliable HVAC system that will keep you comfortable when it’s hot, cold, or anything in between.

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